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2022 Trip Of A Lifetime

Qualification Period
Trip Dates

Travel back through time as you discover centuries-old traditions and the remnants of civilizations that have passed through and taken root in our destination’s remarkable land. 

From the sea shores bathed by the gentle sun to the highest mountain peaks and through forests filled with wildlife, the natural beauty never ends. Next year’s incentive trip will be the best place to get lost—and the best place to find yourself!  

Join us at Global Convention 2021 on October 8th and 9th when we unveil the location for this trip of a lifetime.  

Requirements to qualify: ¹  

4 Ways to Earn Points¹

  1. Sell product to a new Customer or Distributor  
  2. Sell product to a new Customer or Distributor in the next calendar month following their enrollment order month  
  3. Increase sales by personally enrolled Customers and Distributors each month  
  4. Attend events  

Sell Product to New Customers or Distributors 

 Earn points each time you sell qualifying products to a new Customer or new Distributor.  

Qualifying ProductsNumber of Points
100+ PV1 Point
Premier Pack or 250 PV2 points
Elite Pack or 850 PV  5 points  

New Distributors will receive triple enrollment points towards the Croatia incentive trip when selling products to newly enrolled Distributors and Customers within their own enrollment month and the month immediately following.

Sell Product to a New Customer or Distributor in the Calendar Month Following Their Enrollment Order

Earn points each time you sell product to a new Customer or new Distributor in the calendar month following their enrollment order. We refer to this as the second month order. Points earned are based on the total Product Volume (PV) for each new Customer or Distributor’s second month order.  

Product VolumeNumber of Points
40 – 99 PV  1 Point
100 – 199 PV2 Points
200+ PV    3 Points  

Increase the Number of Personally Enrolled Customers and Distributors That Place a Product Order Each Month

Earn 1 point each month that you increase the total number of personally enrolled Customers and Distributors that place a product order above your established base. Your base will be established by averaging the total number of personally enrolled Customers and Distributors that placed a product order during the months of June, July, and August 2021.

In the month of October you are eligible for one point. In months November-June you are eligible for a maximum of six points each month when you Beat Your Best! November-June earn an additional 5 points each month that your total number of personally enrolled Customers and Distributors that place an order is greater than in any other previous month of the promotion and is above your established base.  

Attend Events  

Earn points for attending the following LifeVantage sponsored events (virtual and in-person) that will provide sales and business tips to help you grow your business. Earn points for each event that you attend.  

EventNumber of Points
LifeVantage Academy1 Point
Elite Academy2 Points
Global Convention3 Points

Distributors with the rank of Elite and above can earn points when Distributors in their downline organization attend Elite Academy and Global Convention:  

AttendeesNumber of Points
5-25 Distributors   5 Points
26-75 Distributors  10 Points
76 + Distributors15 Points  

Additional Ways to Earn Points^  

  1. For Distributors that rank advance to Master Pro 10 or above during the months of September 2021 – June 2022 they will automatically earn 250 points.  
  2. Distributors with the rank of Master and Executive Master Pro 10 will automatically earn the trip if they are paid as Master Pro 10 six out of the nine months of the qualification period.  

Ways to Earn Points in September^

1. Earn triple the points each time you sell a Premier Pack or Elite Pack to a new Distributor.*  

Qualifying ProductsNumber of Points (September only)  
100+ PV3 Points
Premier Pack or 250 PV  6 Points
Elite Pack or 850 PV  15 Points

2. Earn 1 point each time you sell an Activation + Energy Stack to a new or existing personally enrolled Customer or Distributor.**  

3. Earn 1 point each time you sell a bag of AXIO Spiced Plum to a new or existing personally enrolled Customer or Distributor.**  

4. Earn 50 points when you rank advance to Elite Pro 7, Pro 8, or Pro 9 in the month of September 2021. Earn an additional 75 points when you maintain or advance that rank in October 2021.  

*A max of 150 points will be awarded for the sale of Premier and Elite Pack to new Distributors in the month of September.  

**A max of 15 points will be awarded for the combined sales of the Activation + Energy Stack and AXIO Spiced Plum.  

Terms & Conditions:  

  • Promotion is only available to Distributors
  • Distributor must be active and in good standing to participate
  • Distributor must be commission qualified each month of the promotional period
  • An enrollment order cannot be placed or paid for by the personal enroller or upline
  • Business Centers are eligible to participate in the program. Only one of a Distributor’s Business Centers can earn the trip. Any Business Center must qualify on their own.
  • Orders that are returned for a refund will not count toward promotion qualification
  • Points for Event Attendance will be awarded after the event has taken place
  • Each Distributor account may be awarded a max of 1 point per event
  • To earn bonus points for growing the number of active downline accounts month over month, you must grow month over month AND beat your baseline in each of the months
  • A maximum of 15 Promotional Sales points can be earned each month
  • A maximum of 150 enrollment points may be counted towards the promotion qualification
  • All qualifiers are subject to a Sales and Compliance review prior to receiving the award
  • Awards are non-transferable, non-refundable and are only valid for the owner of the Distributor account
  • This promotion may be modified or cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of LifeVantage Corporation or its affiliates.
  • LifeVantage reserves the right to change the program at any time, interpret the rules of the program, and has final decision in the event of any disputes regarding the qualification requirements and inclusions.


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